So after wading through the gazillion genres and sub-genres out there, I’ve self-defined the genre of my current work as ‘Dark, Epic, Urban and Historical Fantasy.

Dark because, well, it’s dark. I mean sometimes really dark—although not quite grimdark-dark. There is a bit of hope, and the first book even has a sort-of happy ending. Maybe more poignant than happy, but yeah. You get my drift.

Epic because my current work spans 4 millennia and four continents, and involves some epic moments, including an origin story involving the Fall of Ur, the mythical Lilith, the Fall of Babylon, the Rise of Cyrus the Great and the Persian Empire, to name a few.

Urban because it all takes place in our world, this world (with a bit of traveling to side-by-side worlds via a few portals) and mostly in cities. Namely Dublin, Ireland, Babylon, Mesopotamia and ancient cities around the world.

Historical because there are thousands of years of history, our own world’s history, that my protagonist has been a part of. Not everything, of course — but a lot. And it’s so fun to write within and play with!

And fantasy because, it deals with fantasy beings and themes. I’ve vampires, shifters, fairies, spirits, demons, angels, and magicians of all ilk- oh my!

Even though the first trilogy is firmly a vampire story, it isn’t *just* a vampire story, and even though there is a romantic story line, it isn’t the main focus, so my work isn’t supernatural or PNR. Plus the themes I deal with are much deeper and far-reaching than most Supernatural/PNR I’ve read. Which leads me to…


My current work explores and deconstructs traditional vampire and fantasy/urban fantasy tropes, exploring themes of gender, sexuality, addiction, morality, duality, death, life, the human condition, the darkness within all of us and how knowing that darkness is sometimes the only way to recognise light.

That’s all for now!

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