There are other worlds. Many many many other worlds. Some are pretty close to ours, and some are pretty far away. Think of it like layers of an onion, with the ‘core’ being the first world (what we call ‘Heaven’ or ‘Nirvana’), and moving out from there. Every layer is another world. Some worlds are easy to get to through gates/portals/etc, and some are almost impossible to reach. The nearer to our own, the easier, usually. Of course you’d need to have the skill to get there, or know how to use a portal. And for that you have to know where they are.

There are a good few portals in Ireland (and some in other places around the world) but they are very few and far between and they are always guarded, either by magic or by guards or both. Portals are world-specific. You can take a portal to Fairy/Arcadia but that same portal won’t get you to Hell. Sometimes the best way to get to a farther-away world is to go through another one that’s a bit closer. Sometimes that is the only way into another world.

Time moves differently in the different worlds as well. So journeying between is hazardous to say the least. Every world has its own rules, which travelers really should learn before they go. So that they don’t break them. Also so they don’t get lost. Or stuck. Or ‘un-alived’.
 None of these supernatural worlds are known to the general human/mortal world. Although, as always, there are stories and myths. And there are a couple of secret human societies that know.

Below is some of what we know about some of the worlds that exist…

Heaven (The 1st World)

Also called Aaru, Elysium, Asgard, Shambhala, Vyraj and a myriad of other names, Heaven is the first world ever created by The Word, the home of Angels and some gods and demigods. It is also a world a few enlightened souls may be invited to dwell for eternity, on occasion, should they so desire. Heaven is a place of perfect peace and beauty; a place outside of time, the end and beginning of all things. It is a place where thought becomes reality with ease, which is why it is heavily guarded against those with imperfect thoughts. Angels dwell in heaven, and all angels can come and go as they please. All other beings must be invited, and those invitations are very hard to come by.

Arcadia (The 2nd World)

Also called Tír na Nóg, Annwn, Alfheim, Svarga, and Fusang, among other names, Arcadia is the land where Fairies and other mythological beings come from. From Elves to Fae to Gnomes to Giants and Dragons, all such ‘fairytale’ creatures are allowed a home within it’s bounds.

Earth (The 3rd World)

Ah, Earth. Good Ol’ Terra Firma. Also known as ‘The World’, The Globe, Sol III, Terra, Tellus, and Gaia. This is the world we, and everyone else on Earth, is most familiar with. Naturally. Earth is full of humans. And humans are pretty full of themselves. Other beings often make earth their home, or at least their eatery. For every single otherwise feeds upon humans…in one way or another. Humans, for the most part, remain blissfully unaware of this fact, and keep on thinking they are the apex predators of their world. We know a lot about Earth, and all its different places and faces, times and changes. For example:


The Sumerians, Elamites and Akkadians (including Assyrians and Babylonians), were ancient civilizations that thrived in Mesopotamia from the start of recorded history around 3100 BC until the fall of Babylon in 539 BC, when it was overtaken by the Achaemenid Empire. Following that, Mesopotamia fell under the control of Alexander the Great in 332 BC, and after his death, became a part of the Seleucid Empire.


Dublin is the capital and largest city of Ireland, situated by the River Liffey and bordered by the Dublin Mountains. It has a population of 592,713 within the city council area, but the wider Dublin City and suburbs boast a population of 1,263,219, with County Dublin reaching 1,501,500 citizens as per the 2022 census. Originally a Gaelic settlement, it became a prominent city following a Viking establishment and further expanded after the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland. Dublin grew significantly from the 17th century, especially after the Acts of Union in 1800. It became the capital of the Irish Free State upon independence in 1922 and has been recognized as an important global city.

The Underworld (The 4th World)

Also called The NetherworldPurgatory, and Hel, The Underworld is a world right next to ours, and in some places even intermingled with ours (we call these places ‘haunted’). The Underworld is where the restless dead dwell; a faded and endlessly decaying world, covered constantly in a layer of ash and dust.

The Dreaming (The 5th World)

Also called Dreamland, Erewhon and The World Within. Where do you go when you dream? Science tells us we go to our subconscious, and for the most part, this is true. Except for the times we go a bit further afield. The Dreaming is this place. No one is quite sure how close this Dreamworld is to our own, but what is certain is that the only way to get there is by dreaming.

Hell (The 6th World)

Also called The Inferno, The Infernal Regions, and The Abyss, Hell is a world fairly distant from out own, wherin Fallen Angels and other dark beings dwell. Contrary to popular belief, evil souls do not automatically go to hell, although some souls can and have chosen to, while others have ended up in hell by accident or by being devoured. Demons (fallen angels) subsist on human souls, and even when demons are not in hell, are still inextricably connected to their home. Therefore, When a demon devours a human soul outside of hell, they only use some of the soul’s energy to exist in the other realm. The rest of that soul is then excreted into hell, where they remain forever, slowly being devoured by other demons. Souls can also be pulled into hell, if they venture too close to a portal-but portals to hell are fortunately few and far between.

There are many more worlds than these. So many it’s unfathomable. But as they are unknown, travel to them-if even possible-is not at all recommended.