The First Book of Rue

Sometimes being a 4000-year-old vampire isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Between bad dreams, blackouts, and an unusual amount of sun for her adopted home of Dublin, Rue just isn’t having the best summer. Taking a walk to try and relax, she finds herself being hunted, by a frustratingly familiar and distractingly desirable girl. A girl who is being hunted herself. That’s when things get a whole lot worse.

Born a daughter of the temple, Asharru is a true believer. A child of the gods. When raiders from the mountains attack, destroying her city and devastating her dreams, Asharru decides to die by her own hand rather than theirs, calling to the gods to take her soul. The gods do not hear her—but something else does. Something dark, patient and eternal. Reborn in pain, torn from light, Asharru must learn to survive, in endless nights of sand, sorrow, and blood.

Winner of the ‘Golden Stake’ award at the International Vampire Film and Art Festival.

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“If you have lost your faith in vampire books, do yourself a huge solid and pick this book up.” ~Shannon Gardner




BLOOD & SILK, The Second Book of Rue (late 2022)
BLOOD & STONE, The Third Book of Rue (late 2023)