Not a lot of happiness in my current work, to be honest. I mean, it’s a dark urban fantasy about a guilt-ridden vampire who has done a lot of very bad things. And who sometimes still does. But here’s a little happy-ish snippet from my first book (‘Blood & Sand’) – it’s part of a brief moment of down-time between my protagonist and her new love interest, Grace:

‘I don’t dare move. I can’t. I don’t know what will happen if I do. So I sit perfectly still, watching her watch me, letting her touch me—which she does, over and over again; my face, my ears, my neck, my hands, my arms—like I’m something precious. She sits back, staring at me for a few more long moments, then she leans in slowly across my lap, and softly presses her lips against my own. Her heart is beating so hard that her lips shake with each pulse. Amazed, and finally able to move, I pull her into my arms, returning the kiss gratefully. Passion rises into the storm of our emotion, and I welcome it, kissing her deeply, wanting nothing more and nothing less than to remain in this moment.’

That’s it! More to come soon- I’m catching up!

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