What can I say about Rue? I’ve lived with her in my head for almost 10 years now…more, really, because she was there before I began writing. She is the central reason I began writing the books I’m working on now, and is the rhyme and reason for every other character in my fictional world(s).

I love her. And find her very frustrating at times.

Rue was born ‘Asharru’ in Sumer, the 3rd Dynasty of Ur, in Ancient Mesopotamia, in the year 2031 BCE, which is 4054 years ago. Give or take a month or two. So she’s pretty old. As far as she knows, she’s the oldest vampire left in the world. She’s actually one of the original 7 vampires…and the youngest of that 7, which has at times annoyed her.

Physically, Rue looks around 27. She is around 167 cm in height (around 5’6), with waist-length ebony hair, middle-eastern features, very pale skin and bright blue eyes that will go incandescent when she’s hungry/angry/upset/turned on (not something she can control). She is lithe and catlike in her movements and musculature. She tends to dress comfortably, and has a proclivity for jeans, t-shirts or comfortable jumpers, biker jackets or other leather jackets and biker boots.

Asharru was meant to be a High Priestess of Ur, after her mother before her. This was a very powerful position in the theocracy that was her homeland, and she knew it—but she also was a true believer, and she honestly wanted to do her best to fathom the desires of the gods and tell the people what they were, guiding them to carry them out so that the gods would be pleased. She believed that was her destiny….and then, on the evening of her anointment as High Priestess, her city was attacked and sacked by the Elamites, and Asharru herself was defiled, and, long story short, took her own life rather than be taken again…only she was saved. By vampires. Who made her one of them.

The rest is actually history, but for Rue, it is a history fraught with guilt and self-loathing. She never liked what she became, although sometimes she gave into it willingly, and even relished in it. These nights she tries very hard to be good. Bagged Blood is her friend.

She’s a loner, is an Aries, is an INFJ, is fiercely loyal, and can be very dangerous if someone threatens the few she loves. She tends to be impatient and quick to anger, often acting before she thinks. Which can make her seem immature for someone who is 4 millennia and change. But she was changed at the age of 27, after a massive amount of trauma, and so mentally and emotionally seems ‘stuck’ at that age and maturity level, no matter how long she’s lived or what she’s experienced.

When she loves, it is fiercely and completely. She is not cautious, not about affairs of the heart, anyway, although she often feels that she shouldn’t be loved, all things considered.

That’s about it. Any questions?

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